Kind words from clients

"Barada began reflexology sessions with me about one month after I had a stroke that left lingering symptoms of numbness, weakness and tingling in my left side and pain in my neck.  Over the course of biweekly sessions, those symptoms were greatly reduced. The doctors had told me not to expect much reduction in the symptoms but reflexology proved effective.  I found the notion behind reflexology, as Barada practiced it and explained it to me, to be a whole new way of understanding what I had often been told, but never really grasped: that our bodies are a map of intricate connections.  Barada's patient, open-hearted and -minded and knowledgeable healing practice addressed my body's needs and gave me a new understanding of those needs that I take with me in life." KG, Ph.D student, San Francisco

"Last September I fractured my knee cap and sprained my right ankle.  Barada performed reflexology on my right foot three times a week for about a the third week there was no more swelling.  The physical therapist was amazed how fast my ankle and knee were healing." BRD, UN staff member, NYC
"Having reflexology sessions with Barada is absolute bliss.  Her skilled hands and warm personality make the treatments totally enjoyable and after each one I feel a sense of well-being and peace.  A very relaxing experience that I would highly recommend to anyone".  LW, professional dancer, NYC
"Barada has done reflexology on my feet many times and has made my whole body feel incredible.  She has magical fingers and hands combined with a profound sense for a holistic approach to good health..."DM, UN staff member, NYC
"...I still had pain from a sprained ankle I had suffered a few months ago.  It disappeared after 2 sessions. Another time I felt really miserable with menstrual cramps and the hour long sesion was coming to an end when Barada suggested I rest for an extra 10 minutes.  When I got up, I felt fine and walked the 10 blocks home!  Whatever points she worked on combined with her gentle touch, soothing words and advice totally helped and convinced me that reflexology is part of my life."  AH, teacher, UN International School, NYC

"Surgery was better than I expected and I am healing amazingly quickly.  I believe your magic hands and soul are directly responsible and for this I can't wait to see you again., LS, NJ

"I am fine and can report that I felt only good results from Tuesday's reflexology session.  As I settled into bed last evening, i was acutely aware that I was breathing differently without congestion.  I began to think it was "in my mind only" but let myself accept that indeed it may well be as a result of Tuesday's session....." MH, NYC

"That night I slept soundly and for the first time in years I did not wake up in the middle of the night to empty my bladder.  I dont remember the last time that happened.  I decided to book another appointment with you........", MG, UN staff member, NYC

"Thank you for yesterday.  It was such a pleasure to receive a treatment (Champissage) from you.  You have beautiful, loving and healing energy. I literally floated home.  Then I slept for 12 hours straight. I feel brilliant today...." RF, Artist, Ireland

" Reflexology produced some wonderful results...I haven't had any flashes since Tuesday AND I have no noticeable back pains" BR, UN staff member, NYC

"I am feeling much better and with almost no pain at night thanks to your magical hands!"...MN, UN staff member, NYC

"I want to thank you for the magic you worked on my feet. I feel amazing today.  I have this lightness and open mind about my life right now....what a world of difference it makes to open yourself to life's possibilities.  Thanks for your inspiration...." MA, NJ

"I have been fortunate to have Barada work on my feet on many occasions.  I experience consistently positive results and a genuine feeling of well being.  Barada is professional in every way.  She understands the science and art and explains what she is doing and why.  She always sets the tone for a very relaxing session and is very tuned into my needs and preferences.  Her sensitivity as an individual prepared her for this important work and she approaches reflexology with seriousness, expertise and a strong sense of purpose."  BJ, NJ